Printed Tea Towels – Stunning Recipe Idea

Handwritten recipe

Who would of ever thought that you could turn an old recipe into a series of printed tea towels.

Whilst I was looking through some old recipe books in my Mums house the other weekend. A couple of beautifully hand written pages fell out. They looked distinctly beautiful and it got me thinking… What could I do with them to turn them into something special.

So after some thought the decision was made to make into tea towels. So we picked out a couple and stuck them through and the results were simply amazing. The process of getting this done using Class Printing’s New digital print facility was simple and the results were tremendous.

Tea Towels – Recipe for Success

The designs can easily be transferred on to Aprons, Bags or even oven gloves. So if you have got something you think will work simply get in touch with our team or visit the tea towel page to place an order or request a sample. In addition you can contact us to find out more.

So if you have any old hand written articles tucked away in a book or drawer somewhere then why not make them your Christmas Gift this year for friends and family? So I decided to print about 25 off, which is easily done to the small order quantity that the digital press can handle. As a result of how good they looked on white material, we then printed them on a natural material to give the tea towels an old fashioned feel. I loved them and they a now a treasured item to have in the kitchen.